About us


The Working for Empowerment and Good Governance Institute, Inc. (WeGovern) is a resource and advocacy institute for good governance which seeks to advance new politics that empowers the people at the ground especially the grassroots, harness their capacities, and mobilize their strengths and resources for genuine development of their communities, barangays and municipalities.


WeGovern believes that at the core of new politics is democratic and gender-sensitive governance. It advocates for democratic  governance that is rights-based and believes in peoples’ participation, transparency, accountability, self-reliance, and self-determination.


As a resource institute initiated by women, it conducts education, training, research, and advocacy activities to advance new politics with gender and democratic governance at its core. It also establishes and maintains links with various governmental and non-governmental organizations both here and abroad to mobilize various forms of support to advance good governance.


The Institute provides services to the women at the barangay and community level with particular focus on women of the marginalized sectors. We also offer our services and expertise to officials of Local Government Units (LGUs) who need education and training on gender and development and good governance. The Institute also links up with civil society organizations such as non-governmental and mainstream organizations, and the private sector.

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