Our Background


The ground for advancing new politics in the Philippines is fertile. The people are becoming more open to changes to the current dominant landscape of elite, patronage and corrupt politics by putting in governance people who advocate and practice good governance and politics of change.


It is easy to mouth good governance yet it is difficult to practice. But it is achievable if both governed and governing live and practice governance that is truly democratic, transparent, accountable, rights-based, gender-sensitive, participatory, self-reliant, and self-determining.


The national elections of 2010 gave more insight on how people worked and clamored for good governance; from political platforms and agenda, to track records of electoral candidates. It highlighted the need to sensitize the people at ground level on the subject of good governance, especially at the barangay level and municipal levels. This is so they can more effectively intervene in aspects of governance that they think should be changed, developed, or enhanced. Special mention here is the need to involve more women in governance and politics.


Thus on September 7, 2010, some concerned women conceived of an institute to cater to these needs on the ground and at the national level.

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