Our Objectives


WeGovern Institute aims to:


  • enable women especially those coming from the grassroots to actively participate in new politics and governance
  • help develop a gender sensitive and responsive and pro-good governance and supportive environment for the advancement of women’s rights at the ground level
  • raise the consciousness of local government offices and their constituencies on the need and how to advance and practice gender-sensitive and good governance
  • build and develop links with LGUs, traditional institutions, personalities and political figures and mobilize them to advance good governance through supporting projects and initiatives that cater to the rights and welfare of the marginalized
  • conduct research studies and initiate and develop activities for policy advocacy on gender and development and good governance
  • mobilize resources and technical expertise of women and men to advance gender and development, good governance, and new politics
  • initiate special projects that will contribute to the advancement of gender and development, good governance and new politics

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