Participants to “Women in Politics & Governance Training” affirm 2013 Women Agenda; Commit to advance greater participation of women in politics & governance

15 November 2012, Davao City — Around 80 women leaders from the three districts of Davao City affirmed their commitment to advance the Davao City women’s participation in politics and governance by approving the Women’s Agenda today, during the second and last day of the two-day “Women in Politics and Governance Training” sponsored by the Working for Empowerment and Good Governance (WeGovern) Institute and held at the Felis Resort Complex in Matina Aplaya.

“I applaud the women of Davao City in their commitment to advance women’s participation in politics and governance. The women’s agenda that they approved and pledged their commitment to comes at a very timely moment: There is a great and immediate need to advance women’s active and substantial involvement in political and decision-making processes from the community to national levels in order to promote women’s rights and interests,” Liza Maza, former Gabriela Women’s Party and WeGovern Institute President said.

“There is also a great need to advance new politics and good governance, especially with the upcoming 2013 elections. In order for us to see genuine political, economic and social changes in our society, WeGovern Institute believes that we should advocate for governance that is nationalist, democratic, accountable, transparent, pro-people and pro-environment, anchored on human rights and justice and people’s participation, and promotes equality between men and women,” she added.

“I believe that the empowerment of women at the grassroots level is the most effective method of encouraging more women to participate in politics and governance. For as women leaders, while we are called to address the concerns of women, we also have a shared responsibility of contributing to good governance and accountability in our respective barangays and districts,”said Mayor Sara Duterte in her Welcome Remarks during the opening of the two-day training.

Councilor Leah Librado added, “Governance in the Philippines has been very much tainted with traditional politics, systemic corruption and non-transparency with traditional politics, systemic corruption and non-transparency of several policies and government transactions. With empowered, conscious and well-trained women legislators who are driven to make a change, we see hope even with the present set-up and thus, urge the women of Davao City to make their voices be heard and contribute, through active participation in decision-making processes, to the city’s overall progress and development.”

WeGovern Institute is a non-stock, not-for-profit resource and advocacy institute for gender and good governance which seeks to advance new politics and empowers the people on the ground especially the grassroots, harness their capacities, and mobilize their strengths and resources for genuine development of their communities, barangays, cities or municipalities. Established in 2010 by a group of concerned women, it conducts, trainings and educational campaigns, research, networking activities and special projects to advance new politics and good governance.

The training in Davao City was made possible through the support of the British Embassy in Manila, the Office of Mayor Sara Duterte and Councilor Leah Librado.